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CDL Logistics

CDL offers the complete storage, fulfilment and distribution service. Our internet based Integrated Fulfilment System (IFS) provides seamless automation of the online ordering and fulfilment processing. Click here for more information

iMS Fulfilment

iMS Fulfilment & Distribution has many years of experience supporting the various, and complex needs, of a broad range of customers. Click here for more information

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Acquired by the CDL Group in August 2006, Fairway has enjoyed considerable investment in its infrastructure.This investment has been used to advance its e-commerce capability, warehousing systems, call centre development and a new bulk storage facility.

About The CDL Group
CDL London Fulfilment have over 20 years experience

Response Handling & Fulfilment
one stop shop solution for response handling campaigns

Hand Finishing & Enclosing
short notice hand finishing and enclosing requirements

POS Management
Established as one of the UK's largest handling & fulfilment providers

Welcome to Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics, specialists in:

  • Point Of Sale merchandise that requires storage, collation and dispatch to order.
  • Web-based ordering service for sales agents, retailers or franchisees.
  • Integrated multi-channel fulfilment for e-commerce.
  • Sample distribution to a million consumers.
  • Processing consumer responses from your best ever promotion.

Whatever your requirement Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics are a leading storage, fulfilment and distribution provider with a portfolio of major brand and marketing agency clients. Services range from warehousing, hand finishing, hand packing and response handling to a sophisticated online ordering, stock management and fulfilment solution. Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics work closely with clients to deliver total reliability and value. We ask the right questions, cover all the angles and build the best solutions to meet your marketing, promotional or management needs.