Hand Finishing & Enclosing

Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics have a dedicated 15,000 ft2 hand finishing area equipped for high volume short notice hand finishing and enclosing requirements including;

  • Erection of flat pack boxes
  • Sticker application
  • Spot glued inserts
  • Sample insertion
  • Matching of multiple personalised inserts
  • Maintaining mail sort order
  • Mail sort administration and postal docket management

Our flexible staffing resource is taken from an established turn up turn down pool of local personnel enabling Fairway to deliver flexible just in time solutions.

Twenty four hour, seven day week operation and shift working offers the ability to manage large volumes over a short period.

Experienced Fairway supervisory staff guarantee quality through documented checking procedures, test sampling and spot checks.

Case Study

Working with brands such as Sony PlayStation, Kellogg’s, Olay and Virgin, we have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality work on time and on budget.

The goal was to deliver a set of six pouches into 1.4 million cat owning households within eight weeks. Hand finishing involved constructing flat-packed presentation boxes and inserting six product samples into a display sleeve with a personalised letter.

In a follow up promotion timed for the next Valentine’s Day,190,000 owners received a red rose and a letter of thanks from their grateful ‘pets’. The second promotion involved matching a paper flower display with a personalised insert and leaflet while maintaining Mailsort. The whole project was crucially timed to arrive before 14th February.

The quality of the finished job is paramount, and an unprofessional presentation can ruin a promotion and devalue a brand. Our skilled hand enclosing and collating teams have demonstrated time and again our ability to manage, with extreme accuracy, any complex hand-finishing task.

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