Order Fulfilment Services

Just about every retail operation in the market today needs efficient, reliable, and inexpensive order fulfilment solutions. Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics can provide the quality service you need at a price you can afford at any scale, from ecommerce start ups and SMEs to big name, multinational brands.

We process our orders in a dedicated Contact Centre. Most of our order data is received electronically over the web, but more traditional options are available. We fulfil orders for literature, publications, consumer goods and more, distributing our clients’ orders throughout the UK or around the world via a wide selection of shipping, mailing, and courier based delivery solutions.

A breakdown of Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics order fulfilment solutions

Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics provides end to end order fulfilment services, allowing you to focus on growing your business. We bring the following advantages, and leverage them for your operations:

  • A large, modern facility
  • Efficient, secure storage
  • Fulfilment of pallets, consignments, or individual orders
  • International distribution specialists as well as UK
  • ISO9001 accreditation for low error rates
  • Lightning fast pick & pack
  • Orders of products, marketing material or other goods
  • Service that is flexible and scalable
  • The ability to adapt to peaks and lulls in demand
  • Experience fulfilling for both retailers and individuals
  • Worldwide courier service
  • The tools and the experience to provide proper order fulfillment and increase your sales.

What kinds of clients use our services?s

Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics has been able to provide order fulfilment services and solutions to large and small brands in the leisure, retail fashion, tourist, and media industries, and especially to small start ups, e-businesses, mail order operations, and even charities.

We have the capacity to efficiently handle

  • Apparel and clothing
  • Books, DVDs and CDs
  • Consumer electronics
  • Dry goods and foods
  • Gifts, toys and seasonal goods
  • Health and beauty products including supplements and perfumes
  • Home and garden products
  • Leaflets, brochures and catalogues
  • Medical equipment
  • Product samples
  • Virtually any other merchandise

Many of our clients sell their products on websites of their own, or third party websites like Amazon, eBay or Groupon. We are more than happy to integrate with third party ordering and inventory software to make the process seamless for our clients.

See for yourself how efficient and inexpensive outsourcing your order fulfilment functions can be. More companies are taking advantage of this option every day, and taking advantage of the economy of scale, without losing the detailed, hands on approach that their customers demand.

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