Response Handling & Fulfilment

Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics offer a comprehensive one stop shop fulfilment services solution & ecommerce fulfilment for response handling campaigns which includes;

  • Consultation and project planning
  • Telephone response handling with dedicated premium or low cost line options
  • Voucher redemption with dedicated PO box response addresses
  • Data capture
  • Cheque, credit and switch card payment banking facilities
  • Product and sample fulfilment
  • Distribution and mailing
  • Customer enquiry helpdesk

Variable unit based pricing ensures that our customers pay only for the services required.

Case Study

A nationally advertised consumer offer promoted the purchase of Sony, Toshiba and Pioneer equipment by offering participants three DVDs chosen from a selection of seven titles. Over a period of eight weeks more than 100,000 consumers posted their choice of DVD’s together with a cheque or credit card payment to cover postage and packing, and the original retail receipt proving their purchase.

At the height of the promotion, Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics handled almost 5,000 responses daily. We processed credit card and cheque payments while filing store receipts in customer order. We also managed a pick/pack operation to ensure every customer received the correct DVDs and their original receipt.

Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics processed all of the postage and packing payments. On-line stock management and job processing data enabled our client to monitor responses as they were received, and stock as it was distributed.

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