What are the benefits of outsourcing your order fulfilment?

February 20, 2014

Finding the right fulfilment partner can save you time and allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business. It allows you to grow your business without the expense of upgrading or expanding your facilities. Because a fulfilment company will do a high volume of orders, they can take advantage of the economy of scale to reduce your overall costs. They are also flexible enough to adapt to seasonal order fluctuations, and to add new lines easily. They also have the ability to become warehousing and fulfilment experts. This is Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics core business, and we have become very good at it. In the end, you’ll benefit from more efficient operations and happier customers.

So, what is an order fulfilment partner?

An order fulfilment partner is a business you contract with to warehouse your stock, pick, pack, and process orders for you, dispatch those orders, and report various metrics back to your systems to keep you aware of and in control of your inventory.

I’ve heard a lot about multi-channel fulfilment. What is that?

Say you have a shop on Amazon, one on EBay and one on your own website. How do you keep your inventory straight between them, and avoid selling the same stock twice? A quality fulfilment company will have IT systems that manage multi-channel selling and produce reports that track your orders and whichever metrics are important to your individual business.

A fulfilment partner will ensure you do not oversell, and also show you which channels are doing well for you and which need improvement. You can use that information to improve marketing and communications with your customers.

What about meeting customer expectations?

Customers today expect instant gratification. They want their order in hand tomorrow, or even today. Any delays in order processing or fulfilment will result in a bad experience and losing return business. Many customers will abandon a half-completed order if they see the estimated delivery time is too slow or too expensive.

 Again, the right fulfilment house will keep your customers happy by getting their orders out faster and for less.  

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