The Importance of Packaging to a Pick and Pack Service

February 19, 2014

Running a pick and pack service is all about ensuring the fulfilment of goods and products. On the surface, a successful pick and pack company is organised, reliable and timely. However, a lot of effort goes in behind the scenes of a successful pick and pack service and very often it’s the attention to detail that sets one service provider apart from another.

Packaging Practicalities

Packaging plays in an important role in protecting products from damage. Not only does packaging protect products during transition from manufacturer to vendor, but it also prevents damage when the product is displayed on shop fronts. A pick and pack service also needs to consider the type of packaging required for products. For example, some require corrugated shipping boxes, whereas others need tucked top boxes for presentation purposes.

Safety Information

Product packaging can also contain important information, essential to ensuring the safety of consumers. Flammable and toxic products for example, need to adhere to packaging safety standards and need to clearly identify the potential risks to customers. Similarly, ingredients and nutritional information needs to be displayed on packages containing food.

Brand Enhancement and Customer Experience

The consumer experience doesn’t begin and end with the product itself.  Sometimes, a product’s packaging adds to the customer’s fulfilment experience. Think about it: how many times have you opened the packaging of a new product with care and excitement? So, as a pick and pack service provider, think about how your packaging reflects on your supplier’s brand and image. Consider what experience the customer will have when they open their package. Are the contents fragile?  Does the box need insulated padding?  The way a package is presented often plays just as important a part as the product itself.

Although often overlooked, packaging plays an important role in pick and pack services and can have an impact on the success of other companies in the supply chain.

How important do you see the packaging process in the success of a pick and pack service?

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