7 Reasons You Need A POS Management System For Your Ecommerce

February 13, 2014

If you’re struggling to use shop-ready websites that offer limited control, an effective POS management system can radically improve the way you run the ecommerce side of your business.

We’ve rounded up 7 reasons why a POS management system should be on your wish-list:

1. Complete flexibility wherever you are – With a POS management system you can actually take orders from anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Orders can be taken while you’re sleeping and sent directly to your fulfilment house, leaving you with more time for everything else.

2. Up to date reports and data analysis –
With the amount of online sales you’re getting it’s definitely going to be tricky keeping up with inventory numbers and stock levels. A POS management system can keep track of it all.

3. Consistency across the board –
Whether it’s ecommerce prices that match prices in your stores, or sales receipts that match stock levels, a POS system levels out the playing field and can flag any inconsistencies.

4. Getting to know your customers… –
When customers purchase something from you online, you can ask them for feedback at the same time and store it all on the POS system. This will help you to fine tune advertising and marketing, tailoring it to specific customers.

5. …And rewarding them for their loyalty –
A customer who already loves your brand doesn’t need any incentive to stick with you, but it’s a powerful gesture to offer a reward for no reason other than to say thanks. POS software can show you which customer’s loyalty deserves a pat on the back.

6. Greater choice for your customers –
A large percentage of the population now has more than one internet ready mobile device: a laptop, tablet or smartphone. If your retail website is mobile optimized, then a POS management system will have all of these benefits while giving your customers more choice about the way they shop.

7. Complete control both off and online –
Certain POS management software can be integrated with both your ecommerce and physical store inventory, meaning that all your data can be managed more easily with one interface.

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