Hand finishing and enclosing in time for Valentines Day

February 10, 2014

Love is in the air and so are sales of premium red roses, luxury heart shaped chocolate boxes and a number of other Valentines Day products. The majority of these orders will be purchased online and delivered straight to the intended recipient, with no direct contact between the customer who purchased the item and the product itself.

With big calendar events like Valentine’s Day, customers like to show that they’ve put a lot of effort into their gifts. With a gap between the buyer and the product, fulfilment companies can provide those little extra touches using professional hand finishing and enclosing teams. This is also a very lucrative part of seasonal fulfilment as you can charge a small fee for professional gift wrapping and customers are more than happy to pay for the service.

So how can a fulfilment company help with hand finishing and enclosing for Valentines products?

Hand finishing and enclosing takes place in the fulfilment house before the product is delivered to its final destination. Hand finishing encompasses anything from pre-assembly to gluing or adding promotional material to delivery order. Fiddly materials that cannot be added by automated machinery (like tying ribbons) are also usually finished in this way.

Arranging hand finishing and enclosing for Valentines Day products can really win over your customers, especially if they’re often accused of lacking in the creativity department. When it comes to gifts, presentation is everything and can even affect how a recipient views the product.

As chocolate products are perishable, the packaging used needs to stand up against the storage methods used to keep it fresh as well as tying in with the Valentines theme. Hand finishing and enclosing teams can also advise on things like colour coordination, which can help accentuate details in your product. Pink and red are the colours of choice for Valentine’s Day, but using other colours in contrast can highlight the product and also create a different sort of tone. For example, black and red can imply luxury, high cost and eroticism.

Valentines Day is just around the corner so if you’ve not discussed your romantic themed packaging solutions with your fulfilment company, you might be missing out on a financial gold mine.

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