Does Close Proximity To Heathrow Mean A Better Fulfilment House?

January 30, 2014

There are three main types of transportation in the fulfilment industry that will get your goods where they need to go, or enable them to be imported from other countries: vehicle, shipping and air freight.

Although transporting goods via shipping is arguably the most popular way to move goods internationally, and road vehicles preferred where local delivery is concerned, air freight has distinct advantages in the overall speed of international delivery, as well as short haul local flights that cover large distances in a matter of hours.

Fulfilment houses that have been strategically placed next to major airports are often sold to clients on their ability to transport goods faster due to the proximity of air freight services.

But does being close to a major airport really make that much of a difference to the global supply chain?

When cargo arrives at an airport, it needs to be transported to the correct fulfilment house for unpacking, sorting and storing. Fulfilment houses that are near to a major airport can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for goods to reach the warehouse.

It also helps to reduce the amount of time goods spend travelling on the road, or sitting idle in busy traffic, which in turn helps to lower vehicular carbon emissions. A company actively pursuing greener fulfilment services appeals to many of today’s environmentally conscious business owners and consumers.

A fulfilment house that has experience with air freight can also advise you on how to lower your overall costs. Insurance premiums for air freight are generally lower as security levels tend to be high, and even product packaging can be reduced as less is needed to secure goods during a flight.

Overall, having an airport nearby that deals with international imports and exports can save you money, as well as reducing the amount of time the goods spend on the road. It speeds up the time it takes for goods to come from the manufacturers to the fulfilment house, where it can be processed ready for the end customer.

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