Does Hand Finishing & Enclosing Really Make A Difference?

January 16, 2014

In the fulfilment industry, picking and packing items before they are distributed to customers is a large and often complex procedure. This is especially true when certain products or materials can’t be fully packaged by automated machinery and require hand finishing and enclosing.

Though a particular product might need a little more hands on care before being distributed to customers, in the case of marketing, hand finishing can actually help your brand reach a greater number of people.

Not only that, but with such massive volumes of different products requiring hand finishing and enclosing every day, it’s a vital part of the fulfilment industry and one that can effectively boost sales, brand image and positive customer feedback.

With a combination of automatic machinery and trained hand finishing staff, orders reaching into the thousands can be completed and distributed within a matter of days. Some examples of how this might benefit your business include:

Magazine inserts

Advertising space is lucrative in the magazine industry, particularly inserts which are geared towards the magazine reader. With the numbers of many print magazines running into the thousands and monthly or weekly deadlines to meet, such a big task requires a large hand finishing team working round the clock.

Flat-pack packaging assembly

Bespoke packaging or promotional presentation boxes can be assembled quickly and efficiently by hand, which is great for sending out consumer incentives, or changing packaging to fit in with a seasonal theme, i.e Christmas.

Permanent and peelable gluing

Promotional material that needs to be securely fixed to a product can be sprayed with a concentrated amount of glue, which hand finishing personnel can then use to attach materials or heavy items, such as free samples.

Other delicate jobs such as carton strapping and labelling can also be done using a combination of specialist hand finishing personnel and automated machinery, with quality control and regular spot checks in place to ensure there are no mistakes.

There are many other ways in which a fulfilment house, like Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics can help with hand finishing and enclosing needs. By offering a flexible and personal approach to your business’ requirements, a fulfilment house can help you with even the smallest of details – which tend to have the biggest impact.

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