The Finishing Touches: Hand Finishing And Enclosing

January 7, 2014

Hand finishing and enclosing is a fairly self explanatory process in the fulfilment industry, even if it isn’t always a simple operation. Bespoke packaging for physical products or marketing campaigns that are too delicate or complicated to be machine packaged are finished off by hand and delivered directly to your customers.

It is a fantastic way to reach your customer base and encourage general interest. While hand finishing and enclosing is used mainly for distributing promotional material to your end users, it can also provide unique and even fun extras that will really surprise your customers.

Promotional materials such as personalised letters or vouchers for money off future purchases targeted directly at one time or regular customers can in fact push sales – and profits – through the roof, while an effective marketing campaign targeted at new customers (think free samples) can increase brand awareness.

Hand finishing and enclosing fulfilment services – is it expensive?

Thinking that high cost might be an issue? With competitive rates and professional handling, it is one of the best forms of direct marketing out there and you could potentially reap the rewards in a very short time.

Hand finishing and enclosing is a big job, which is why few fulfilment houses offer this incredibly valuable extra. You could try and do it on your own, planning a streamlined conveyer belt of hands to sort through 50,000 envelopes and marketing material, but why hire all the extra staff and lose time and space doing something a specialist fulfilment house could do?

Most fulfilment houses that offer this service will have a dedicated team working around the clock to fulfil huge volumes of orders that require hand finishing and enclosing.

Many of these hands on jobs include assembling flat pack gift boxes, placing inserts or free samples into envelopes and even sticker applications, although every company is different and are likely to have their own ideas and concepts.

A professional fulfilment house specialising in hand finishing and enclosing should be able to adapt to your companies requirements, offer support and help during the process and deliver outstanding results by the agreed deadline. If you are looking for an order fulfilment company to assist with this type of work for your business, call Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics on 01753 588469

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