Order fulfilment in London: what growing companies need from their providers

July 30, 2014

The ability to provide an early delivery date is one of the biggest factors in providing customer satisfaction. In the most recent UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey, fully half of online consumers have cancelled an order at the ‘shopping cart’ stage if there were no timely delivery options available or if no solid delivery date was available on the website. Delivery time is central a factor of customer satisfaction, and had become the most important ‘deal breaker’ for online sales. Worse still, 27% of those polled said that a late delivery was likely to stop them from using that retailer again.

Your London order fulfilment partner’s role in achieving timely delivery

Many retailers’ first instinct is to look to their carrier to ensure fast and reliable shipping. While it is true you need a good carrier, finding a better order fulfilment partner in London may do you a lot more good. A desirable order fulfilment partner will become invested in your businesses’ success and vision. Furthermore, their specialisation should give you the fast and reliable delivery options you need. As your company grows, your third party logistics provider should be able to scale up as well. Just keep in mind that not all London order fulfilment providers are created equal.

Capabilities to look for in an order fulfilment provider in London

Flexibile Processes

Even with a location in London, order fulfilment can be a messy business. Whenever timely delivery is vital, flexibility is the way forward. A facility with flexibility can make adapt to emergencies and changing circumstances without losing you those hard-won customers.

Familiarity With Your Needs

If your fulfilment provider understands your business deeply, they know not to compromise on anything you’ve based your branding and reputation on.


Obviously, a London-based order fulfilment company is ideal to serve the largest population centre in the UK, but where in London? A well-located warehousing facility can receive shipments easily and get them to your customers rapidly.

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