Mailing House Provider Considerations for businesses

July 2, 2014

If you’re a company who needs to reach clients through mailing campaigns, or distributing products then the most feasible way of doing this is by having a mailing house provider. This saves your time, your money and other vital resources. The question is though, what do you look for in a mailing house provider and what are the benefits?

Choosing the most appropriate direct mailing service provider

The most appropriate mailing house provider will depend largely on what it is that you want to mail. There are, however, a few general guidelines which you should look for when selecting a mailing house: of course you are seeking competitive pricing as well as flexibility, but reliability and quality need to be paramount.

Initially, you need to ensure that the mailing house you check out does have the correct capabilities to manage all of your mailing needs. Has it worked with companies of your size previously? Has it experience in your mailing products of your kind? If you are wanting to mail simple letters and parcels then this should be a given, but what if you will be mailing more unusual products which come in varying shapes and sizes, can they accommodate this?

Where your mail needs to be distributed will be is another item that requires huge consideration. An ideal mailing house will have offices both in the UK as well as overseas, preferably with partnerships in other countries. The UK one needs to be connected with Royal Mail, this is imperative due to Royal Mail always being the final provider for letter post in the UK. Your mailing house needs to have a vast network of postal routes, with probable postage discounts during the fulfilment stage. This brings benefits to both you and your profits, as well as the customer who can be supplied a lower overall cost boosting your company’s desirability and reputation.

Should you choose an end-to-end mailing house company?

A mailing house which will hold the most benefits is one which will have a full end-to-end service, this could include digital or laser printing, data printing, inkjet addressing, data management, envelope printing and poly-wrapping. Finding a provider who can manage all of your mailing needs therefore offering a complete service will save you on vital resources such as time and money.

Looking for a mailing house which has been in the industry a long time, not only hosts the benefits of them having adequate experience but it also means that they will have a visible heritage. This will mean that you can investigate their previous projects, customer testimonials and accreditations – giving you an insight into how they operate and what you can expect. Maybe you want to have a direct mail campaign, if so the mailing house you choose should be DMA (Direct Marketing Association) approved. You will be providing personal details of your business as well as your targeted audience and customers and so confidentiality needs to be secure, this means that the mailing house must also be registered under the Data Protection Act.

So, in a nutshell you need to look for from a direct mailing service:

  • Competitive Pricing - never pay more than you need to
  • Capability - satisfaction that your requirements are manageable
  • Reliability - reassurance that your mailing will be delivered on time, and correctly
  • Scope – both national and international routes are accessible
  • Value added services – selections of fulfilment, management and printing facilities
  • Recognition – industry recognised accreditations
  • Feedback – previous project and client testimonials.

Conclusion Finding a mailing house that performs a direct mailing service covering all your needs, for a competitive price is gold. This is the difference between making huge profits by utilising small resources, making smooth transactions and retaining business – or simply not doing. Building a good relationship with your provider is key, this means that you will be provided with bigger and better discounts over time with the more business you put there way. It’s a relationship, which when works well, works for everyone involved.

Many mailing houses will include everything you need for marketing campaigns such as a network of graphic designers for brochure and catalogue needs as well as the functions to complete the task and then mail it out. This cuts costs all the way down the line by having all of the requirements in one place, as well as making the process much more simple and saving on your valuable time resources.

It is estimated that nearly 80% of people will welcome mail if it

a) Looks good; has a clear design and is designed well and

b) Holds useful information.

This means that your direct mail house needs to know how to portray your messages across efficiently in order for people to take note and subsequently become a customer. This is another reason why you need a mailing house which is experienced, which can provide a complete service and which has stood the test of time with accreditation’s to show for it.

You should be able to strike a balance between feeling confident enough to leave your mailing house to it, as well as feeling comfortable about making suggestions, ideas and alterations to their packages. This is why flexibility is essential, you don’t want to be stuck with one marketing campaign which consists of one design; your products may change, you may develop promotions, new deals and a range of offers over time which need to be easily including in your campaigns and the mailing provider has to be able to adhere to this.

 Another very important factor in determining the most appropriate provider for your company is to decide on what contract length you prefer; some people stick with the one mailing house forever whereas others will want change – maybe they were originally UK based and now want to branch out overseas or maybe their products have changed from simple letters to more awkward mailing paraphernalia and this needs to be considered before agreeing to lengthy contracts. Ensure that the mailing house has the options to expand when your company does and can accommodate any needs that may come up.

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