6 reasons an in-house courier service can improve your order fulfilment

March 5, 2014

When it comes to order fulfilment, it’s no surprise you want the best service available. A successful fulfilment company equals a successful supply chain and there are many companies out there promising the world, especially when it comes to the final part of the process: distribution.

Some fulfilment companies split their courier services between third party distributors, while others manage distribution in-house. But how can a fulfilment company with an on-site courier service improve the overall effectiveness of your supply chain?

A complete understanding of worldwide order fulfilment

International shipping can be a minefield, not least for inexperienced business owners. Legal jargon, customs laws and shipping restrictions that differ from country to country can stand in the way of company growth. With a wealth of first hand knowledge and experience, a fulfilment company with its own courier team provides a simple solution for all your international order fulfilment.

Cost effectiveness

When a fulfilment company outsources their distribution to a third party company, it can sometimes include additional costs that a fulfilment house with its own courier service can provide automatically, usually for a much smaller, or all-inclusive fee.

Avoid miscommunication

Order fulfilment is a complex process. Splitting it up to be managed by different companies is often the first step towards miscommunication; packaging details can be overlooked or misinterpreted by a courier unfamiliar with your goods or even the fulfilment centre itself. Keeping the most important elements of your supply chain under one roof can help reduce these mistakes.

Flexible and adaptable service

During busy periods and quiet lulls, a fulfilment house with its own distribution fleet has the resources to maintain a consistent delivery service, keeping your customers happy and your costs low.

Expert packaging know-how

The best people to send your goods out into the world are the people who helped store, package and assemble your products. Why? Because they’ll know everything there is to know about the best ways to protect your goods all the way down the supply chain, from the minute they reach the warehouse to the moment they’re handed over safely to your customers.

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