Bring Your Customers Home With Better e-Fulfilment

February 24, 2014

With e-commerce quickly taking over the high street as the world’s preferred method of retail therapy, there’s never been a better time for online businesses to reach wider audiences and strengthen their customer base.

However, if you’re a retailer who established their brand on the e-commerce scene a long time ago, but find yourself losing customers instead of gaining them, you need to re-evaluate your business model and find the causes behind the slump.

There will always be fluctuations in sales during certain times of the year, whether you are purely an online retailer, a bricks and mortar store, or a combination of the two – but a downward trajectory can mean that something is amiss.

Everything might seem perfectly fine on the surface: your website is attracting plenty of traffic and your online shop front is appealing. In any business, this is the customer facing part of your brand, a reflection of both your company and the management behind it.

Modern customers expect more from online commercial businesses – fast, efficient delivery and products that arrive in excellent condition.

But behind the scenes there could be a very different story going on, particularly when it comes to your fulfilment services. If you handle all your own fulfilment in-house, there is added pressure to maintain an effective supply chain as well as keeping up with all the other aspects of running a company.

If you outsource to a poorly managed or in-experienced fulfilment house that provides your customers with shoddy customer service, poor delivery and unnecessary costs, your brand is being negatively affected without you even realising.

Promising your customers the best is one thing, but if you’re struggling to keep up with demand on your own, you should seriously think about enlisting the help of a professional and experienced fulfilment company, otherwise you’ll be hit with bad customer reviews and requests for refunds.

If you want to build your customer base back up to the same levels you enjoyed when you were at your peak, then providing exceptional e-fulfilment is one of the best ways to go about it.

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