Customer service: 3 ways you and your fulfilment partner can work together to manage customer interactions

April 4, 2014

Customer experience is your number one priority as an ecommerce seller. You have a lot of competition, and your customers can probably get essentially the same product from quite a few other sellers. Once they have spent money with you, they are more likely to go through you again, but only if they receive the level of customer service they demand.

1. The human touch.

Managing customer interactions is key to repeat business. If there is a problem or a question about an order in progress or that has already been delivered, your customers need to feel that their concerns are being addressed. That there is an actual person whose job it is to sort things out for them.

 Ironically, a return or a problem with an order can win you a customer for life, if it is handled with care and respect. If you (or we) go above and beyond customer expectations when something goes wrong, they will come back again and again.

2. Use technology to connect your customers to help, not as a barrier.

So many companies are using technology as a substitute for human customer service personnel. Making it all but impossible to talk to a human being. The customer hates that. One frustrating experience pressing ‘0 to hear these options again’ for 45 minutes can lose you a customer forever.  Technologies like live chat are now easier to use and less expensive than telephone customer support, and give customers the interaction they demand when something goes wrong.

3. A good returns policy can be worth an entire customer service department.

Consider adopting a no questions asked, completely free refund or replacement returns policy. It does cost money, but customers are a lot quicker to part with their money if they aren’t worried about having to pay £10 to find out they don’t like it once they get it home. This is the one real advantage brick and mortar stores have over ecommerce; you can just take it back without spending any more money.

I cannot over stress how much customers resent spending even a pound to send something back once they decide they don’t want it. Most will get a replacement from a competitor instead, even if the price difference is greater than the return cost. It isn’t rational, but they do it. Free returns also mean you don’t need someone to try and win them back once they get angry.

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