Boosting customer loyalty with your e-fulfilment strategy

March 25, 2014

How to keep them coming back with an e-fulfilment strategy

Ecommerce retailers know how vital return business is. One way to make a long term customer is to use a quality fulfilment house, and to work closely with your e-fulfilment strategy with your fulfilment partner.

The right fulfilment strategy can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a truly happy one. The wrong one can leave them disappointed, or even angry enough to leave bad reviews.

So, what strategies work well across different sales channels? It might sound a little old fashioned, but people still love coupons. These could be emailed to customers, they could appear on your website, and you can place them with one of the many websites that specialise in featuring coupons. I’m sure you’ve already done most of that.

Consider this, though. Your customer is finally opening your package. Right on top, the first thing they see is an old-fashioned paper coupon. The kind of thing they’ll stick to the fridge or put in their desk drawer, and will be a constant, offline reminder about your company, and that particular product.

Does your fulfilment house offer to pack coupons with your shipments? They should.

There are many types of coupons, and you should try a few as test runs before settling on a strategy. Options like money off your next purchase, free shipping on your next purchase over £10, or even a free 50p gimcrack with your next order have all done wonders for some retailers.

Free samples can also get you a lot of attention. Everyone’s ears perk up at the word ‘free’. This won’t work for all e-commerce sites, but discuss with your fulfilment partner what it would cost to send free samples to existing customers twice a year, or to include free samples of new or slow-moving SKUs with certain kinds of orders – all orders over so many pounds, etc.

The samples can be arranged seasonally, or by similarity with the last product bought, or by any other metric you track. Consider how much personalisation you can afford, and how much return you can expect from it first, but a free, unexpected package makes a customer feel appreciated, and mean a lot more than any number of Google AdWords placements.

There may even be more that a good fulfilment partner could do for your e-commerce site. Ask. You’d be amazed what we can do these days.

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