Smarter online selling – The golden rules

September 8, 2014

Providing efficient distribution can often be the deciding factor between customers that return and those that don’t. Getting fulfilment right every time is a must for online selling. Follow our golden rules to online trading and you’ll be making sure those customers buy from you again and again.

Distribution revolution

Some customers are content with receiving their items a week after they buy; some want them the very next day. Providing a number of delivery options (and the prices to match) means that you’re catering to even more of your customers’ needs.

Checking in

When an order arrives from your supplier, it’s easy to make mistakes with checking the products in. For a professional fulfilment service, though, that’s no concern. With an experienced team, numbered stock locations and a reliable stock management system, checking-in mistakes can be a thing of the past.

Lay waste to wastage

One major headache for retailers is losing stock through theft and loss. Keeping your goods in a secure location is one of the most important safeguards to make. Pick and pack firms offer such security as part of their service – your items, stored in a secure fulfilment warehouse, remain there until a customer orders them.

Keep in touch with your customers…

Bring your customers into the fold with regular email communications. Keeping them up-to-date with new products, promotions and news will keep their interest, and provide valuable marketing data to find out who’s actually buying your stock.

… but don’t forget to say ‘thank you’

Reward your customers’ loyalty with a promotional code every now and then. If your customers are signed-up to regular communications, think about giving them a one-off discount as a reward and your business a quick boost in sales.

Worldwide shipping

With the internet available on just about every corner of the planet, you don’t want to miss out on potential customers who want to purchase your products but can’t due to restrictive distribution. Get those goods available to them through offering international shipping.

Discounting down the days

Retailers know the time of the year their customers expect to find a cut-price sale. Give your customers a nice surprise with a short-term ‘flash’ sale – it’ll clear that leftover stock, increase brand loyalty and set your sales on the increase.

Get the logistics of your stock right

To keep customers happy, the products they need have to be available when they need them, meaning your supplier needs to be on the ball. So, keeping supply chain management as efficient as possible is top of the agenda. Getting your stock delivered straight to a fulfilment centre for storage and distribution saves time, and your customers get the products they need as fast as possible.

Trust is difficult to build, but easy to lose

Just like your customers trust you to deliver the products they need, you can trust a professional pick and pack service to get your products to those customers when they need them. Getting that bit right is something that Fairway Fulfilment & Logistics can assist with.

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